North Texas Giving Day will Increase our Impact to the Texas Geriatric Community

North Texas Giving Day will Increase our Impact to the Texas Geriatric Community

Who advocates on behalf of your loved ones? Today, many of these geriatric patients endure their chronic illnesses alone—lacking a myriad of resources (medical supplies, co-payments, food, shelter, etc). In 2012, I decided to step up on their behalf by co-founding Palliative and Home Health Care Nurses Association of Texas (PHHNAT).

PHHNAT was created to help advocate for our geriatric population where our clients on average are 65 years of age or older, whom primarily suffer from chronic diseases; thus aiming to improve their quality of life.

Each year generous supporters like you join us for the exciting annual North Texas Giving Day.  This year on September 17th, starting at 6 a.m. and ending at midnight you will have an opportunity to help care for Texas elders in need.  Your generous support will make a meaningful difference to an underserved geriatric population. All gifts made to Palliative and Home Health Nurses Association of Texas on September 17th will increase our impact by allowing us to provide 200 or more seniors with vital healthcare resources.

PHHNAT’s Mission

Palliative and Home Health Nurses Association of Texas is changing the lives of our underserved geriatric community every day.  PHHNAT’s mission is to be the most trusted and accessible navigator for the chronically ill, providing advocacy, education, and comprehensive support services.  Our vision is to work tirelessly toward the prevention of allowing chronically ill patients to go without healthcare resources.

What is North Texas Giving Day?

North Texas’ incredible generosity has broken the national record 3 years in a row! After last year’s national record-crushing 75,000 donations totaling $26.3 million, North Texas Giving Day is back with the hopes that North Texas will raise the giving day bar once again to benefit more North Texas nonprofits. On September 17, 2015, donations of $25 or more can be made 6 a.m. to midnight to more than 2,100 certified nonprofits listed on Those donations will be amplified by more than $2 million dollars in bonus funds and prizes.

How You Can Help

On September 17th (North Texas Giving Day) we are asking for a $35 gift. You will then help us receive extra funds to continue our service in the community. Every gift of $35 or more will go further with more than $2 million dollars in bonus funds and prizes! By visiting, the online giving website for North Texas Giving Day, you can show your support of PHHNAT and the geriatric clients it serves. We understand the financial challenges many families face so a gift of any size will go towards our overall goal.

Just imagine if we could help an underserved elderly patient who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s, Multiple Sclerosis or Alzheimer’s—alone with no family support.  In cases like these, the acquisition of a wheel chair or help with medical copayments often greatly increases quality of life despite the terminal prognosis.  Additionally, you will help improve quality of life despite the physical and emotional pain all of our [clients] endure.

 Will you join us? If you are not able to make a donation, please advocate for your loved ones by sharing this post with others and through your Facebook or Twitter accounts. 




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