CPR & First Aid Training in Xilitla México

I went to México thinking I would teach the people there, and I did, but I ended up learning more than I expected. When I was teaching CPR/First Aid, they asked what to do for a snake bite, I instructed them to take necessary measures and call the ambulance. Ariane García, whom I went with and interpreted the class, looked at me and said “They just told me that the ambulance usually doesn’t have gas so they want to know what to do then”, I stood there for a second, thinking what else I could tell them…..I couldn’t fathom the idea that the ambulance doesn’t have gas!! In that moment, I realized how much we have -personally and in our country, ….I realized how much we have and aren’t grateful for. The people there were gracious host, especially to someone who didn’t speak Spanish!!  They are diligent people who cherish their families, quality of life and they work hard to be able to survive to be able to cherish those things….. So many times most of us just work for “stuff”, our quality of life is not optimum and our families suffer. I am just as guilty of this as the next person…but it has surely made me re-think a few things.  Shawna Boudreaux, RN


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